NEW!  Missing the Cues. Tales of a Newcomer’s life in Canada, out now. See Works.

Annette Isaac is a former Adjunct Research Professor and Instructor in Political Science at Carleton University. She has lectured on the politics of women, gender, feminism in Canada and in the developing world, and on race and ethnicity, international development, education and globalization. Her career spans decades of experience, research and reports on international affairs and development issues in the global South with an emphasis on policy and decision making in the public sector.

Annette is also an author and her newest work is a memoir Missing The Cues. Tales of a Newcomer’s Life in Canada (see WORKS).  She is co-author of Politics of Race and is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Grant (2014) for new literature.

Confidence in public speaking is another of Annette’s proven talents grounded in years of lecturing, country briefings, conference presentations, and recent keynote speaking: all with a touch of humour.  She is embarking on her new career as author, and public speaking about issues and stories of her life in Canada and the Caribbean.