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Missing the Cues. Tales of a Newcomer’s Life in Canada

A memoir about missed messages and subtle hints that elude most newcomers as they try to establish social and career relationships. Often these missed cues lead to amusing, and in some cases lost opportunities.

Table of Contents


1. Social Cues
Welcome and Greetings
On Mixed Relationships
On Health, Sickness and Dying
The Outdoors

2. Political Cues
Visible Minority
People of Colour in Politics
The Trudeau Effect

3. Employment Cues
The Job Search
Affirmative Action
The Obama Syndrome

4. Education Cues
Learning the Language
Glass Ceilings
From Student to Lecturer

A Reflection

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Product details
Nonfiction: memoir
Copyright: Annette Isaac
Cover art: Renée Isaac-Saper
Publisher: Baico Publishing Ottawa
Language: English
Pages: 79
ISBN: 978-1-77216-138-0


Reviews for Missing The Cues

“This book is extremely well-written, eloquent, practical and educational. Any newcomer, and children of newcomers, could greatly profit from reading this book. It also made me reflect on my own experiences as the child of newcomers of colour who themselves came to Canada seeking better opportunities.” – Nicole Ng Yuen, MA, LLB Cambridge

“(the book) is insightful, passionate and moves quickly across geography, time and key issues…” – Edward Jackson, President, E.T. Jackson and Associates

“The nice balance you have struck between personal experience and broader social observation is a very effective, productive one that I think readers will respond to.” – Sarah Phillips Casteel, Professor, Department of English and Institute of African Studies, Carleton University

“This well-written book could be an educational tool for all Canadians. It also offers an interesting perspective on our society.” – Jean-Marc Charron, Ottawa

“I like your easy style of writing especially as well as the way the book is personalized with your own experience. At the same time it is highly informative and will surely be helpful for any person who is new to this country.” – Patricia Boston, Vancouver

“Annette Isaac has written a short, penetrating look into the life of a newcomer to Canada.  The book is an insightful, poignant view, not only of the newcomer’s experience, but also of Canadian society.” – Yolanda Banks, Ottawa

“As a recent newcomer to Canada, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Annette’s book. I found her writing sincere and applicable as she shares her personal stories and the unique insights she has gained since arriving in Canada over four decades ago. Because of the way she carefully explains the different cues and her experiences with them, I highly recommend her book to all newcomers to Canada seeking to enrich their integration experience.” – Folake Oluokun, Ottawa


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